Dear Colleagues, Friends and Participants,

It is our privilege and pleasure to invite you to the 15th Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery Congress on our 30th anniversary, taking place in Belek/Antalya, Turkey. The congress will be held at the Titanic Hotel Congress Center between 26-29 October, 2018.

Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery(TSCVS), was founded in 1988 as a national, scientific, non-profit, independent organization that promotes education and training, and stimulates research in the field of cardiovascular surgery and interventions. Currently, TSCVS has over 1600 active members, structured with 4 organizational committees and task forces and 12 working groups. Currently, TSCVS is in charge of publishing three peer-reviewed respected journals.

The TSCVS Congress is the most important national academic event and interdisciplinary platform in our specialty. Our congresses are usually fully attended by upwards of 3000 cardiovascular surgeons, physicians, scientists, perfusionists, bioengineers, nurses, coordinators, other experts in the field of cardiovascular disease, andmedical students. Inspiring international speakers and experts with the ambition of sharing knowledge are all welcome to attend this congress and to contribute global presence and diversity. We are fortunate to organize 15th TSCVS Congress on our 30th anniversary and would like to express our gratitude, appreciation, and respect to our predecessors. 

The theme of the congress would be “Tracking advances, innovations, and discoveries in cardiovascular surgery,and dissemination of clinical practices for integrated, patient-centered approach

On our 30th anniversary the format of the meeting will be similar to previous meetings, and will be comprehensive overview of adult cardiac, pediatric cardiac, and vascular surgery, synchronously with perfusion and nursing sessions. 

The congress will begin on Friday, Oct 26th, with techno-science video presentations, how I do it sessions, workshops, simulation labs and new discoveries and products. 

On Saturday, Oct 27th, sessions will include Leipzig Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and ESVS/ASCV symposia with keynote lectures and cutting edge topics. In addition, adult and pediatric cardiac sessions will focus on the current evidence and clinical trials. Round table debates, workshops, and oral presentation sessions will also address related topics. In the afternoon, ISMICS session will be challenging to the future of minimally invasive cardiac surgery and Meet the Expert sessions will provide young surgeons to communicate with the masters within relatively smaller groups.

On Sunday, Oct 28th, program will include University of California San Diego and Cambridge Papworth Clinic sessions which will provide an ideal forum to exchange knowledge and experience on chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension and advanced heart failure and even further perspectives on art and science. Plenary sessions with European College of Phlebology, Turkish Society of Cardiology and Azerbaijan Society of Cardiovascular Surgery will be other highlights of the day.

This meeting will also give us the opportunity to celebrate the 50th year of Heart Transplantation in Turkey and to honor the respected efforts of pioneers of heart transplantation.

On Monday, Oct 29th, on our independence day we will celebrate the 95th Anniversary of Foundation of Turkish Republic. To express our gratitude towards Mustafa Kemal Atatürk we will start the day with an astonishing classical concert followed by an ECMO session.

This “The Great Get Together” event will not only bring surgeons, clinicians, nurses and perfusions together but also the innovative technology companies and and ethical values to serve patients.

We hope you will enjoy the meeting and surely we will dedicate all our efforts making this Congress an unforgettable experience for you. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Titanic Otel, Belek/Antalya.


Ahmet Rüçhan Akar
President, Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery
2018 Scientific Program Chair